Hi-Tek race fuels are blended with the highest quality components to meet the most exacting standards demanded by our customers.  To produce products with this level of quality, we turned to VP Racing Fuels — a full on, full time race fuel company that has delivered the best-performing products in the industry for nearly 40 years.  VP has always been and continues to be on the leading edge of fuel technology, dominating on dirt and asphalt, in ovals, race circuits and dragstrips, on water and in the air.

This doesn’t mean Hi-Tek fuels are the same as VP’s, as VP’s blends are proprietary.  What it does mean is that Hi-Tek race fuels are blended by a fuel company that makes power better than anyone on the planet, ensuring they’re a cut above every other brand.

For racers, consistency is paramount — for tuning, for performance, for confidence in how your engine will respond.  Nobody can match the consistency delivered by VP Racing Fuels, a result of painstaking attention to quality control.  You can trust Hi-Tek race fuels blended by VP to deliver the consistency you need gallon after gallon, drum after drum.

Regardless of your application, you can count on Hi-Tek fuel blends to deliver the performance gains you need to get to the finish line first.  Race cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, jet skis, snowmobiles – all these and others can benefit from the leading edge technology with which Hi-Tek race fuels are formulated.

Remember, you get what you pay for.  Purchasing less expensive fuel for short-term savings can cost you in the long run—in more frequent engine rebuilds, fuel system gumming and failures, vapor lock and more. Quality matters and it does cost more.  But rather than waste money fixing fuel related problems and bad finishes, you’ll come out ahead in your wallet and on the track by spending your hard-earned dollars wisely on a quality fuel like Hi-Tek.

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